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News Search Engines

Last updated Oct. 31, 2003.
by Greg R.

The Web is a rich source for current local, national, and international news. There are hundreds of individual news sites on the Web, from broadcast sources such as CNN or ABC to newspapers including the Washington Post and the New York Times. There are several search engines which cover multiple news sites and news wires. This section compares those news search engines. See the chart for news coverage or search features. [NOTE: TotalNews, NewsIndex, and Yahoo sections not yet updated.]

See the Search Engine Showdown News Search Engines category for changes and other news.

Coverage of News Resources

Search Engines Date Coverage Sources Frequency
AltaVista News
1 year + 3,000+ including New York Times, More Hour
Google News  30 days 4,000+ sources, English only  5 min.
AlltheWeb News 7 days 3,000+ sources, multilingual 5 min.
Daypop 7 days 7,500+ Weblogs, News sites, and RSS feeds 3x day
Year 100s of news Web sites Hours
News Index
Week Many news Web sites Hour
Yahoo! News
Months News feeds from 100+ sources and Web sites from Moreover Minutes

Search Features of News Databases

Search Engines Sort Case Stopwords Truncation Boolean Phrase
AltaVista News
Relevance, date No No Yes * AND, OR, AND NOT, ( ), +, - "Yes"
Google News Relevance, date No Yes, + to search No - for not "Yes"
AlltheWeb News Relevance, date No No No - for not "Yes"
Daypop Relevance, date No Yes, + to search No - for not "Yes"
Relevance? No Yes Automatic AND only "Yes"
News Index
Relevance? No Yes None AND, OR No
Yahoo! News
Relevance? No Yes Automatic + - "Yes"

For more information on news searching, see my (now somewhat dated) article "Searching for Current News" Database 22(3): 57-60, June-July 1999.

See also U.S. News Archives on the Web which includes information on archive coverage and cost for access. This is a very useful resource for finding articles from a specific newspaper.

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