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State Libraries:

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For the six search builders listed on the Customize Your Own Search Engine page, here are the search engines built using the state library sites from all 50 U.S. states, or at least as many as they can manage. Full list of sites at bottom.

Gigablast Custom Topic Search: State Libraries

(built 4/07, code updated 3/08)

Google Custom Search Engine: Search State Libraries

(built 4/07)

Second version keeps results on this site

Live Search Macro

Limited to 30 sites. I haven't found a way yet to embed this on the page, so you'll have to go directly to the Search State Libraries site at Live Search. (built 4/07)

Rollyo: State Library searches

Limited to 25 sites, so choose State Libraries AL-MO or State Libraries MT-WY. Then come back to search the other half. (built 4/07)

Swicki: State Library Sites

Note: "Hot Searches" are controlled by the creator. (built 4/07)

check out the State Libraries swicki at

Yahoo! Search Builder: Search State Library Sites

Limited to first 25 sites listed below. (built 4/07)

Source Sites

This is the list of sites used for the search engines above, except for Rollyo which had a limit of 25 sites. For Rollyo, I split the list in two and limited each state to a single site. For my original source, I used the lists at from and the Yahoo! directory. Neither list was completely accurate or up-to-date. So I also checked each listing and tried to find the best matching site or sites for each state, as of 4/6/07.