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Search Engine Bookmarklets

Last updated Apr. 29, 2010.

This bookmarklets collection helps searchers quickly switch between search engines, select text to send to a search engine, and otherwise expedite the search process. To use these, in Internet Explorer, right click the link and choose "Add to Favorites." In Firefox, just click and drag the link to your bookmarks or personal toolbar. To fit more on a toolbar, rename to shorter names like @Yahoo! to @y or Google Site Search to gs.

When adding these in Internet Explorer, a message may pop-up warning that it may not be safe to use these. While these have worked for me with no negative consequences, there is no warranty that these will be completely safe or work for all other users and in all browsers. [Show me 1.1MB 2:32 Flash video]

Transfer Search Bookmarklets

After running a search transfer animationin one search engine, these Transfer Search bookmarklets make it easy to send the same query to another search engine. For example, after searching at Google, just click the @Yahoo bookmarklet to see the results at Yahoo!.

Select Text/Send to Search Engine Bookmarklets

Use these when there is text on the current page you are viewing, and you would like to search that text. Select the text and then click the appropriate bookmarklet. If no text is selected, most of these will pop up a box for the search input.

Other Useful Bookmarklets

Search Boxes

Not Bookmarklets! Use these links to find the code to put an engine's search box on a Web page or blog. See Custom Search Engines for more (and expanded) examples.

More Information

For general information about bookmarklets, see For lots more bookmarklets, see Jesse Ruderman's bookmarklets site. And for more details of their use, see my column: Bookmarklets, Favelets, and Keymarks: Shortcuts Galore Online 27(4): 38-40, July-Aug. 2003. Most of these bookmarklets are based on those of others, especially the fine collection from Jesse Ruderman.