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New Bing Design Being Tested

Some reports and screenshots are surfacing from searchers seeing a new user interface and look at Bing. Like with Google, these user interface (UI) experiments are probably being shown to a small fraction of searchers and responses are being measured. Whether any of the pictured changes will be adopte will depend on how users respond to them.

I can't see either version on any browser that I've checked, but from the screenshots, the main changes seem to be

  • Bing Logo in upper left has part of the daily picture behind it in a small square rather than across the whole header
  • The search box is more easily visible on the plain color background, but there are few databases listed above the box to switch to (just Images, Videos, and Shopping in one or Images and Videos in the other
  • The links in the upper right are styled differently, with the gear icon for preferences smaller and the drop down menu for signing in larger
  • Tabs for other databases under the search box are gone
  • Another version has no image behind the logo and the database links at the top moved further to the left

Old UI:

Bing Old UI

New Experimental UI:

Bing New UI1

New Experimental UI on Right when signed in:

Bing New UI 2

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Dec 8, 2011 in Bing

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