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Updated Bookmarklets

I've updated my search bookmarklets page due to changes from some of the search engines including Gigablast's new interface, finally changing to in the code, and the addition of several new links:

  • An animated .gif of the search transfer bookmarklets
  • Moving the search transfer bookmarklets to the top
  • A new bookmarklet for numbering Yahoo! results
  • Updating the bookmarklet for numbering Google results
  • Gigablast and Exalead search box links

The search transfer bookmarklets are the ones that I use the most to quickly switch from one search engine to another with the same search query. It has been interesting seeing how the bookmarklet functionality changes over time even when I do not change the underlying JavaScript of the bookmarklet. For the past several months, I could use the Yahoo! bookmarklet after a Google, Ask, or Live search, but I could not use any others after a Yahoo! search. Now those bookmarklets work again. So at the moment, I am only have a problem using them after a Gigablast or Exalead search.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Mar 25, 2008 in Search Features | Site Updates

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