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Amazon Dropping Search Inside The Book?

I am very disappointed to see that Amazon seems to no longer have the Search Inside The Book feature. Clued into this loss by Marydee's post yesterday, I can no longer even get Marydee's workarounds of going to the Canadian or British versions of Amazon to work. So what's missing?

  • No more Search Inside the Book arrows on certain cover shots
  • None of the text statistics and ability to search within a book on those books
  • A search on a unique term like tilinca which only occurs in the contents of books now gets no results.
  • No Look Inside excerpts or any view of the contents of the book

I certainly hope that this is a temporary issue and not a permanent closing of the program. Some of the initial cover shots still have the Search Inside graphic on top as in the following example. But clicking on the link takes me to a page with no ability to view any of the contents.

Searching via the nearly-defunct A9, I was able to get a list of results for books including my search term, but I still could not get inside the books at Amazon. If this continues, it would be a significant and major loss of searchable content in books!

[Update: Just before clicking post, I am starting to see the Search Inside links again. Phew! I hope this was just a temporary glitch and not a major change in policy!]

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Mar 13, 2008 in Book Search

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