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Live Links Lost Again

At least it worked for awhile. The trick of using the plus for getting Live's link searching commands to work again (link:, linkdomain: and inurl:) that has worked since those commands were disable in March has stopped working. It looks like link searching is again unavailable at Live, it continues to be incomplete at Google, so Yahoo! is the best choice for link searching.

While I can understand that problems with "automated usage for data mining" caused Microsoft to disable the command in March 2007, it is really sloppy of Microsoft that all these months later, the advanced search still has a "links to" section that does not work, and their online help still has instructions on how to use this non-functioning "links to" section.

I suppose that part of the delay is the work on their new Live Search Webmaster Center. If you have a Web site, you can log in, prove you own the site, and then see the top 10 links "best performing" outbound links from the site and the top 10 links in to the site. While it sounds like they plan to have more robust link search tools available in the Webmaster Center, so far it is a far cry from the link search commands they used to offer (and still list in their documentation).

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Dec 19, 2007 in Live Search

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