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MSN Search Not as Dead as I Thought

Back on September 15 I noted that MSN Search was gone, fully replaced by Live Search on all of my searches, at least. However, today I found some exceptions. I had only been using computers with Windows XP. Using IE6 on a Windows 2000 computer today, I found that I could still search at MSN Search with the old MSN Search interface when using the browser search button (assuming that the button is still set with the default of MSN search).

I could also search at Live search at or even if I go directly to the old site. In both of these cases, I end up with Live Search results. But if I use the IE6 search button and then use MSN Search as the single search engine or via the Search Assistant (both of these can be customized), then I'm getting old MSN Search results in the sidebar. The display in the main window includes an old MSN search box including the tab for Encarta content. I checked on several other Win2000 computers with IE6 and found the same behavior.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Oct 7, 2006 in Live Search

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