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New Search Prefixes for Yahoo! Image and Video Searches

Paul Bausch, author of Yahoo! Hacks : Tips & Tools for Living on the Web Frontier, shares a few tricks in a Yahoo! Search blog post. These may have been around for awhile, but I have not used them before. In image searching, Yahoo! supports the width: and height: prefix for specify exact image sizes. In the Yahoo! Video Search, you can also use aspect: to specify video size (if you know the correct numbers such as 133 for TV's 4:3, 125 for computer monitor's 5:3, and 177 for wide screen). Other unadvertised prefixes for video search include filesize, date, width, height, duration, tld, fromtld, site, fromsite, title, and fromtitle. See pages 44-45 in tip 11 in the book itself.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Jan 23, 2006 in Yahoo!

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