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New Syntax at MSN Search

MSN Search explains its new operators for finding specific file types, advanced link searching, pages containing certain file types, and more. Here is the list of new prefixes:

  • filetype: for non-HTML files like PDFs and Word .docs.
  • linkdomain: for link pointing to any page in a specified domain
  • contains: for pages with certain content types
  • inurl: for terms within URLs
  • inanchor: for words with anchor text on linking pages
  • intitle: for word within the HTML title element
  • inbody: to specify that the word should be in the body of the document

Note that after the prefix, multiple terms can be ORed together by putting them in parentheses. The example given is contains:(rss xml rdf atom). Also note that phrases are not allowed after the prefix. Online one word or the ORed set.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Jun 24, 2005 in Live Search

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