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AlltheWeb Now Over 3 Billion

Overture announces that it's AlltheWeb search engine now has a database of "approximately 3.2 billion." The AlltheWeb home page says 3,151,743,117 is the current number, although it is actually a bit higher. That trumps Google's claim, up since last November of 3,083,324,652. Of course, Google probably has more than that by now, and I expect they'll boost that number on their home page soon. The exact number is less important than recognizing the AlltheWeb has been able to get their database to about the same size as Google.

It should be a benefit to searchers to have two very large databases. And it does seem to show a commitment on Overture's part to continual improvement of the AlltheWeb underlying database. I have not yet run detailed comparisons, but I expect that both Google and AlltheWeb will find some pages that the other does not have.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Aug 21, 2003 in AlltheWeb

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