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AlltheWeb Adds More File Types

Finally, another search engine offers searchable access to about as many file types beyond PDFs as Google does. AlltheWeb has expanded from indexing just PDF, Microsoft Word, and Flash files (beyond the HTML of most Web pages) to include Rich Text Format (rtf), PowerPoint (ppt), Excel spreadsheets (xls), PostScript (ps), and even WordPerfect (wpd) and StarOffice (sdd and sdc) files. There may be more besides these. To limit to one of these new file types, use the filetype: command followed by the name of the file format. Others use the extensions, so note the difference with the command at AlltheWeb.

Here are the new filetypes that have worked for me:

  • filetype:rtf
  • filetype:powerpoint
  • filetype:excel
  • filetype:postscript
  • filetype:wordperfect
  • filetype:staroffice
Let me know if you discover any others. AlltheWeb review updated.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Jul 26, 2003 in AlltheWeb

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