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Site Redesign Begins

I am finally starting the slow process of updating the site design for Search Engine Showdown. At this point, part of the site has been converted, and over the next few weeks, I hope to finish the rest. In addition to the redesign, news and updates from the past few months are finally being posted. See in particular the new reviews for Gigablast and Openfind, an updated search engine features chart and the search engines by features page. There is a new news archive which includes subject access to news postings (at least for those since about May 2002).

I know there is lot more to be done, but if you have any opinions about the new design or other comments about the site, email me at Oh, and if you want to link to a particular news post, use the [link to this story] link at the end for a story-specific URL.

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Sep 21, 2002 in Site Updates

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