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AlltheWeb First to Search Flash

AlltheWeb announces the ability to search Macromedia flash files. This is the first search engine to include these file types in their database. In addition, they have added several new features to their Advanced Search page. Like HotBot and MSN, AlltheWeb now has an "Embedded Content" option for finding pages that contain (or do not contain) the following file types: images, audio, video, RealVideo or RealAudio, Flash, Java applets, Javascript, and VBScript. They have added a regional domain limit based on top level domain groupings. They have expanded their date limit to cover any specified dates, a document directory depth, a personal home page limit, and a Flash file format limit. They also a new field search in the Word Filters section: "in the host name." Many of these advanced features are ones that Inktomi search engines have offered for years. Does this mean that Lycos-owned HotBot may switch to FAST soon?

By Greg R. Notess. Dated Sep 12, 2002 in AlltheWeb | FAST

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